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Aluminum Hydroforming

Hydroforming for e-bikes, motorcycles and handlebars

As a leading OEM and contract manufacturer in hydroforming we enable our customers produce mid to high-end mobilty products

Experts in aluminum Hydroforming

For more than 30 years JiouJiou has been serving customers in Asia, Europe and the USA.

With a long history and proven know-how in engineering we realize our customers' designs from simple butted tubes to complex shapes.

Based on our consulting and understanding of our technical and engineering abilities as well as production processes you are able to understand the possibilities offered for the design of your products but also will understand the technical limits.

Attention to Detail

Details that matter. A hydroformed tube is at the beginning of a long process along the supply chain: welding/brazing, painting/anodizing, assembly. All steps require attention to detail to obtain an accurate finishing and in order to guarantee a smooth production process for the next step.


Sharp edges not only can harm workers during the handling of the product but also damage cables when they are integrated. We manufacture the tubes in a quality that our customers expect.

Thickness distribution

Together with our customers, we develop cost-effective solutions that meet and pass required strength and fatigue testing with optimal material use.

Surface finishing

Every single tube is visually inspected to ensure a defect-free surface finishing. A thorough inspection process avoids rework before painting or anodizing.

Jerry Yu and Lucas Fuelling

Quality made in Taiwan

Jerry Yu has founded JiouJiou in 1989 and since produced butted and hydroformed tubes. Within the bicycle industry JiouJiou is known for its engeneering and quality of hydroformed tubes. JiouJiou has developed into manufacturing not only tubes for bicycles and e-bicycles but also scooters, motorcycles and 4-wheeled walkers.

Today, the company has grown to 30 employees and the next generation of the founders family, Jerry's daughter Shih-Ting and her husband Lucas Fuelling start leading the company.

Our mission is to produce aluminum products at the right quality, time and cost for our customers. JiouJiou is at the beginning of the supply chain and we make sure to comply with the requirements of our customers to avoid induced cost related to our product further down the supply chain.

Hydroforming machines
Preforming machines

Leading manufacturer for hydroformed handlebars

JiouJiou is a pioneer in producing innovative hydroformed road, mountain bike and triathlon handlebars. Hydroformed handlebars complete the dynamic design of modern bicycles and enable better ergonomics and grip.

hydroformed handlebar
hydroformed handlebar
hydroformed handlebar

Official distributor

JiouJiou has been working with Italian quality tube maker Columbus Tubi for over 20 years and is the official distributor for Columbus Cromor and Thron line in the Asian market.

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