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Tube Hydroforming

Tube hydroforming is a tube shaping process that forms the metal via pressurized fluid from the inside of the tube. This method allows forming of complex geometries in tubular parts.

It is used to:

  • Square tubular parts to fit battery packs
  • Increase stiffness to weight ratio by forming a specific shape
  • Make contours to give the part a modern look and feel

Tube hydroforming process


The preforming steps depend on the final product. The goal of preforming is to approximate as close as possible the final shape to reduce bursting or material thinning. Preforming can include tube butting, tapering, bending and pressing.


The preformed tube is put into a special die and fluid is induced into the tube. The pressure is then increased and the fluid presses the tube into the shape of the die.

Common problems can be bursting, wrinkles or seal failure. It is therefore important to know the working zone of the formed part, which is a function of raw material, formability, pressure increase, material intake and lubrication of the die.

Hydroforming process window